CD-Recording: Eugène Godecharle Sei quartetti op.4

Société Lunaire is going to present the world’s first recording of a newly discovered musical collection from the library of the Royal Conservatory in Bruxelles: Sei quartetti op.4 by Eugène Godecharle (1742-1798). This recording includes all six quartets by Godecharle.

This collection so far has not caught any attention by the musical world despite its exceptionally high musical quality. The six quartets for harp, violin, viola and cello written in the 1770’s feature a great variety of tonalities and movements and present an exciting musical texture in terms of chamber music writing, including one of the few double cadenzas for harp and violin written in the 18th century.

Société Lunaire believes this recording to be of great musical and historical value, presenting a wonderful example of elegant salon music by this skillful and talented Belgian composer of the 18th century.

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